Trading Grade A+ U.S. Stocks

Going All In On One Trade In Grade A+ Stocks Only

I have a grading system for all stocks based on 10 technical/fundamentals and when we get a grade A+ stocks it has a very high probability of making big gains.

70%+ chance of trade ending profitable.

40%+ chance of the stock hitting the target price over the next 10-20 months.

A 6 stock portfolio. Means taking more volatility but bigger gains as well. It’s best to take a 5 year+ time horizon and let compounding work in your favour. Out of those 5 stocks I would expect 3+ big winners from that.

We recently got into stocks like WB,MXL below $20 and will hold on until the price target is hit. It’s a very selective system that only trades certain stocks at certain price levels in a maximum of three industries. For example, I’d never consider a stock in the financial sector no matter how great it looked technically. I’d also never consider stocks like AAPL,NFLX.