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Momentum Stock Trading System Signals Service

If you pay a relatively small annual fee for my stock signals to make $70,000, $100,000,$250,000+ profits is that a good investment?

Trade high probability, grade A+ stocks only for the high probability swings. Everything that is important about a stocks probable move is calculated in order of importance and then graded C -A+ I only take the A grade stocks and discard the rest…which is most of them. This is where the high quality and high probability profits are.

About 5-10 trades a year hoping to make profits on 70%+ of those recommendations.

Mechanically, safely and trading high probability, high quality stocks and set up only. By focusing on a certain stocks and set up only I hit the biggest winning stocks in each cycle. It can mean very little “action” but it’s what works! I’ll leave all the hype, drama and constant talking to the mass media.

Hi Mark,

My 55 contracts of FB LEAPS are doing great thanks to you.  I am up almost $30K!!R.Tober Florida  23rd July 2014


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The Momentum Stock Trading System description:

Typical holding period 6-15 weeks

Risk/reward ratio 1:2 Set price target on entry. This does limit gains but increases the accuracy on the system.

High priced, high liquid stocks only. No penny or illiquid stocks traded.

Long and short.

Pure price and volume based trading system with  few key “triggers” to identify trades.

Very selective on trade selection to keep win accuracy over 70% – average Averaging out about 8 stocks a year pass my criteria. How aggressive you want to trade those positions is your choice. Can go 2+ MONTHS WITH NO TRADES. Many people have bog problems with not trading. The losing traders that is. Average 6-12 trades annum.

If you are stock trader or looking to get into stocks you have to distinguish between a marketing company that is pushing hype, glamour and b*S* compared to a real system, warts and all. You can’t win on every trade, You can’t make huge gains every year. You will have losing periods. Trading is quite simple really once you have your system stock to it and ignore everything else. The newsletter writers, brokers, marketers are always trying to push some new “secret” or hyped up method to trade. But it’s never as good as that.

Trade on TSLA. I actually didn’t want to make that trade but you convinced me to do it and I am so glad you did.

R.Smith Arizona

The keys are:

* You have to be ultra selective on your trades. Be terrified of losing trades (but they will happen) EVERYTHING HAS TO LINE UP or no trade.

* Discipline/patience to sit and wait for those set ups.

And I find most people simple do not have this.

Annual cost of signals service is $2,900 expect 5-10 trades in this time frame. I expect at least 70% to be profitable and at least half to hit their price target.

Payment is by wire transfer or check.I’ll then access you manually into the trading signals for 12 months or until you have at least 3 trades that hit their price target.Contact me to make this payment

 Contact me about the service:  and opt in to my monthly updates above. I do not promote any-ones offer ever (why would I?) and you will not be bombarded with spam/adverts.

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Q) Why don’t you write and publish books/articles like you used to?

A) Because I was naive back in those days thinking the more I wrote the better. Sadly, on the Net. anything goes and every book/articles I wrote was copied, re-wrote and sold as a seperate system. I have grown to hate internet markers they are the pond scum that gives pond scum a bad name. “Anything is fair game to them” and if that means copying articles/books for a profit they’ll do it in flash. I am not spending my time writing more material only to feed the pond scum. I’ll just get out of the swamp.

If you want to chat and talk about stock investing for the big money (not individual trades or stocks) THEN PAY FOR MY YEARLY SIGNALS FIRST AND PROVE TO ME YOU ARE A SERIOUS INVESTOR WITH FUNDS. I get hammered online with freebie seekers, time wasters that think i can give them advice, help for free. Like, Online = free. I rarely reply yo emails from none buyers. It’s a simple as that really.  I can spot the “I am not paying for anything” people a mile off. So subscribe to my trade updates, see the performance, Subscribe. if the fee is too high then we aren’t compatible and never will be.  Paid subscribers we can arrange a chat and keep in touch if you wish. I might even give you my phone number to talk.

I often get emails like

“you have made me more money than any other newsletter.”

“I have dropped every other service I used to subscribe to and simply follow you now”

“You have been bang on the money so often.”

So this isn’t some typical internet marketing crap you see all over clickbank etc. It’s all about highly selective, highly accurate trading for potentially big gains.

You have to be able to tell the difference between internet markets, newsletter writers, ebook creators, e-bay sellers, stock brokers (salesmen) and what really works in trading. Being ultra selective, and concentration is what works. Not sending out stories or writing blog posts justifying every twist and turn in the market.

Here are my 3 books I wrote over 14 years ago. If you see them “bastardised” on some “gurus” site you know what I think of him!

123 trading pattern  (2005)

The 7 Habits of a Highly Successful Trade             (2000)

Extreme Penny Stock Trading Method                  (2005)

Why I went down the mechanical/system trading route.

It’s easier once you have your system. it quantifies every decision instead of trading from “gut feeling”.No stories, hype or hope needed nor wanted.

It frees up more time. A system can be back checked and tweaked upon as the market dynamics change. |I emphasise “tweaking” not wholesale changes. It takes the pressure off you when trading. The stock either fits all the criteria and is a buy or it is not. This can stop you from making poor trades. The biggest obstacle to gains.

It’s not rocket science. It’s years of trial and error. Put the time in, study what really works and there is no difference between you and Soros, buffet, etc…except  a few billion $$$’s.