The Momentum Stock Trading System

Trade The Very Best Leading, U.S. Momentum Stocks

A proven stock trading system that works.

100% mechanical scanning, entry and exit of some of the best stocks in each cycle. No guesswork, no emotional trading, no guessing.

Hard copy version of Momentum Stock Trading System delivered to your email address.

1) How much to risk in trading to build your portfolio. There’s an optimal risk % number.

2) The exact scan to filter the stocks to the leading stocks. Technicals first but then you need to know certain fundamentals, but only certain ones. You can’t trade technicals and/or fundamentals on their own.

3) No stories but the three key fundamentals you need to check before buying a stock. This reveals everything you need to know. No more needed/wanted.

4) How to enter these stocks. No break outs, retracements or other T.A indicators.

5) How to exit these trades. THE most important part of any trading system and one completely overlooked by many.

6) M.S.T.S. goes for the big moves that can last many months in high priced, liquid stocks. No short term trading wanted.

Trades last 4-12 months on average. Manage trades only on weekend. No intra day, daily (time wasting) monitoring needed.


100% mechanical system. No middle ground or guesswork. Remove that. Remove emotion and “gut feel” from trading. No stories or opinion ever needed nor wanted. it’s all in my price, volume and key fundamentals. Listening to opinion is dangerous to your wealth.

Remove all emotion and guesswork from your trading.

Recent trades

DDD,QIHU,YELP (+80% – 150%+ gains)

Oct. 05 08.42

M.S.T.S. P.D.F. Copy, Delivered to your paypal e-mail address only.

Save your-self years of trial and error, guesswork, lost money and buy a proven system.


**There is a risk of loss in trading. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.**