Trading Grade A Stocks

A target of 200% from entry.

Long only 9-16 months on average.

On average 2-3 stocks a year to trade in.

The stock is more important than the entry. No breakouts, retracements, moving average entry, etc. When you identify your stock you can’t wait for corrections or dips.

You need belief in the stocks and the method and discipline to wait/follow the signals. Most people are drawn to short term trading thinking they can make a decent living from trading stocks. Maybe..maybe not. But the big gains are made by going for the big 200%+ moves in higher priced stocks. And that usually takes a bit of time to play out. Think 3-5 trades every 2 years on average.

Most managed funds are obsessed with reducing the risk. Which I understand if you are investing pension money, etc. But this will always lead to poor performance. Once you invest in over 15 positions on the stock market you are the averages. I only invest in very small concentrated number of positions. Not to take high risks for the sake of it but because I only find on average 2-3 stocks a year to trade. And when I am in I sit tight until my exits are hit and that can take many months. Often well over a year. Just think, a whole year of sitting there waiting for your exit. No trading. If I diversified any-more I’d simply be sat in cash for the sake of reducing risk. That’s not practicable. So instead, only trade with risk money with this method.

Qtrly updates. (Jan, April, July, Oct)

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Signals Service:

$3,000 per 12 months – I priced it this way so you are committed for a couple of years to follow the signals. I simply don’t want myopic, desperate traders. I need people that are willing to take bigger risks for bigger gains over a longer term time frame. You have to decide if you can follow the trade signals I send out is worth the cost. You have to decide if you have the patience and discipline to follow my signals. (most do not)


I am also looking for a small select number of investors. Non-USA.

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