All In ONE Stock Trading

Ok…having been running this since 2000 and having met some great people (and some not so..) I have decided to end this business/web site in 2015.

 I am going to close up shop on December 10th 2015.  And as far as offering education/signals I’ll be finished. Anyone who is a customer will still have my email address.

I am going to focus solely on managing my own and O.P.M. using the one stock method. There’s far more profits involved for less headaches. If you are considering setting up a trading education site my advice is DO NOT.  If I make a person, say $400,000 profits and my cut is $80,000 from that it’s simply much more efficient than trying to “convince” (many broke people/ shiny object syndrome) I am not ripping them off. The net seems ruined these days with complete rip offs so everyone gets bunched together in some eyes. It was a different place pre 2007. And the crash of 2008 seemed to drive away most from the stock market.

So no more subscribers for my signals now. That option is over. I didn’t get too many at that price which I seems people want the trading rules not the signals. People couldn’t follow them anyway.

I will sell the system until December 10th. Then it’s over. That will involve the trading rules, one skype chat to make sure you understand the rules and any questions you may have.

Trading isn’t complicated. It’s just the Wall Street Machine that gets you to trade the wrong way. Listening to news, technical analysis, talking heads, over trading, over diversifying, listening to brokers, chatting on forums, software, etc… All taking you up the wrong path.

Don’t ever waste your time, money, life in day trading, forex, binary options. Thank me later.

Only trade with money you can take a risk with. Especially with this method. Do it part-time, have a job or other business as your main source of income so the flat periods don’t have you needing to trade. A good trader is simply a disciplined, patient trader. Once you try and make a wage from it you are in trouble.

With this method the first question to ask isn’t how you are going to spend all those profits but are you ok with the possibility of losing half of that account? Yes..then go for it. No. reduce the account. There is never a sure thing when investing. Almost sure things, high probabilities but always some risk things won’t go as you planned.

Study the past great stock moves and learn to only trade in them. Make your system mechanical so there is no second guessing. Realize great trades do not appear very often despite what the “noise” tells you. Remove all emotion and simply trade your system.

I only check on prices every 2 weeks. I do this because I have other things to do but most importantly to remain detached from the noise. There’s no need for anything more than this. I completely ignore and bypass the random daily gyrations. Reduced time, reduced stress and hopefully increased profits.

Read on…..

Even starting with just $30,000 with three successive trades IF ALL THREE HIT THE TARGET of 150% Gains = $468,750

Take about 4 years. And there are never any guarantees.

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