Momentum Stock Trading

Systematic momentum stock trading system

GSX at $20

RUN $26

ZM $90

Using technical/Fundamental 100% systematic trading system for 300% gains in these stocks.

No need to trade any other way.

Huge % gains are only made by:

Going all in one stock

Going for Big% gains

Rolling each winning position into the next trade for at least four successive trades.

That takes about 6-7 years.

The risks are huge. So you only trade with an amount you can lose no matter how accurate the trading method.

I only have a small number of subscribers these days. I prefer it that way. Quality, like in stocks, trumps quantity. If you do not have risk capital for this method of trading i.e you are scared of losing a few thousands $$’s on a trade this is not for you. In fact, if you do not have $$’s to risk you should not even be in stocks. I got really tired and frustrated dealing with broke people trying to make millions, overnight, with no clue or intelligence. If you do not have at least $30,000 to risk…leave it. Go on Youtube/Faceook and follow the fake short term gambling gurus. See how that does for you.

By far the best stock picks I have ever used in my 25 years+ of investing” R. S Maryland

I have made huge gains in 2019/20 all thanks to you. ” A.P Chicago

You really know how to hit those big winners. I am sitting on huge $$ profits from your GSX recommendation.” R. T. M.D Florida.

Trading signals and/or manged accounts.