Momentum Stock Service

 3 year lock in period.

Max 4 stocks at a time. Expect volatility.

1 type of stock, 1 set up only.

-30% to +200%

Pure technical trading systems do not perform great. Think break-outs, moving averages, pure price/volume action. Too many poor trades set them-selves up technically. Technicals can be great…but only on the right stocks at the right time.

Pure fundamental methods do not fair any better.

Short term/ day trading/options are another way to the poor house. I simply do not see the point in trading this way.

The only thing I have success with is going for the big moves with a tech/fundamentals method. Getting into the right stocks at the right time that make 100%,200%,300%+ moves over the next 1-2 years.


Waiting for outstanding opportunities at the right time only and ignoring everything else. Going 8+ months with no new trades and having flat years sadly, is part of trading this way.


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  1. Trade Signals:  Expect, on average, 6-12 trades per bull market cycle.

$5,000 per 3 years. Because anything less than 3 years time span is too short a time frame to invest in the stocks I recommend.

Managed Accounts: contact me (minimum $250,000 3 year lock in period 2/20)


Unless you do something “different” how can you beat these returns? (is it worth even trying?)

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