All In One Stock Trading.

Systematic momentum stock trading system

80%+ Win rate which still means you have losing trades and the risks are huge. Only trade with risk money where you can lose 50% of it and not worry.


The only way you can make HUGE % gains in stocks is:

Use a high win% trading system

That goes for big moves.

Go all in one stock

Compound over a few trades.

That the ONLY way!

I say chance, opportunity, good possibility NOT A GUARANTEE. Trading one stock at a time is highly risky. That’s why you better only trade these stocks this way.

You Can Not

Trade for small profits

Take profits after each successful trade

Rely on advice.

Trade poor stocks or poor set ups.

Think short term

I have always preached with trading ONE stock you better accept and be ok with the risks. Even if that means you only start with $5,000 then make a start. If some said you can flip this coin. Heads you lose half your money. Tails you make $100,000. Would you play? Would you put everything into it? Or would you take a “punt” with money you could lose half of?

The quickest way to make a fortune is to go all in into a huge trend.

The quickest way to lose money is to go all in one a huge trend.

It takes time. I would suggest you roll into at least three successive trades before pulling profits out. Four or even five is better. Work on each trade taking 9-12 months. You are looking at 3-5 years.

This is not about trading for income. It is about taking on huge risks for huge rewards. If you have any business sense (common) you know risk = reward. There is no free lunch or sure thing out there. At the same time you can narrow your odds to success massively by only trading these stocks. And you only have to get rich once.

Profits on these stocks is in the 200-300% range.

High priced, liquid stocks only. No penny’s or low floaters etc.

Past 20 trades:

  1. +200%
  2. +245%
  3. +170%
  4. +123%
  5. -45%
  6. +200%
  7. +300%
  8. +65%
  9. +300%
  10. +200%
  11. -50%
  12. +92%
  13. +160%
  14. +270%
  15. +230%
  16. -42%
  17. +200%
  18. +300%
  19. -50%
  20. +119%

Rather than try and package the trading system into something it is not. The system can be written on side of aA4. I offer the trading signals at $3,000 per annum. Within a year you can piece together the trading system, essentially you have it. Any questions about the trading system AFTER 12 months I will answer. If you wish to continue using the trading signals fine. If not then cancel.

May 2020:

I have reduced the win % on these stocks back to …%. That is the sweet spot. When I tried for higher % gains the accuracy dropped. This was the sweet spot for 80%+ accuracy and still give me a huge reward/risk ratio.

All results are based on the past 20 trades. On a rolling basis. IF the accuracy ever drops below 60% I’ll cease trading this system. Or at least pause it and change the system.

All in one stock trading you should not nor do you need to go in big. It is HIGH risks for HUGE rewards (potentially) You have to roll into four successive trades and that will take about four years.

Every “legitimate” business is a risk/reward ratio. It is all about lowering the risks to an acceptable level and hoping for the huge rewards. If you have any sense you realise this and are fine with the risks involved. If not, go on social media and find a trading billionaire that will give you his secret for guaranteed success for only $197… 🙂

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*** Past performance does NOT guarantee future performance. There are big risks involved trading this way ***