Big Profit Trading

The Secret is:

Forget yearly returns, forget diversification. Forget Technical analysis, stories, blogs, news, advice, short term trading. It’s all a smoke screen. Break outs, retracements, moving averages etc Ir’s all designed to give you the impression you can time the market and over trade.

Chart patterns, Elliot Waves, Pitchforks, cycles, MACD’s etc…do me a favour and bin the lot!!! Complete and utter waste of time and effort

The big money is made by:

Making 50-100% in Bull Markets and compounding that over many years (10)

How can you do this?

Not by short term or day trading for sure.

Not by trading to “trade” for income

Not by following advice

Not from taking profits out often

This kind of investing goes for huge % profits but it is still lover 70% winners.

There are flat years….you have to accept that. But you will also have 70%+ years! BUT the key is to take a 10 year view. It only takes 10 minutes a week to manage. It works passively in the back ground whilst you do other things.

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12 trades

6 Hit the target price

4 end up with over 100% gains

2 losing trades -33% and -24%

As you can see these stocks in their buying “zones” are rare. It”s a combination of many factors and only in a certain buy zone you can buy into. Only 2 sectors ever looked into. THEN you have the overall market to deal with. No new trades show up in bear markets. Which is the way it should be ..unless you like to lose money for the sake of it? It probably average s about five stocks in a bull market to invest into.

Once in you can be in the successful trades 12-18 months.

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**** Past performance does not guarantee future performance. There is a risk of losses****