All In One Stock Trading

Long only US stocks.The big money is made going long for the big moves. Despite all the short -term mindset,algo. trading, day trading..the big money is in finding stocks like FB and holding for a couple of hundred % gains.

High priced, high liquid stocks.No gambling in pennies, pink sheets, pump and dumps,options,etc.

100% Systematic Trading System. A system created on the leading momentum stocks since 1997. I am firm believer is systematic trading to remove all emotion and guesswork. Once you have the system following it takes very little time. No wasting time looking for opinions, hoping, trading from gut feel, etc. Simply follow the system and ignore everything else.

Best if you trade "part-time" so you have no problem waiting for a new trade (it can take 9+months at times.)

Work on each trade lasting about 18 months from start to finish.

Goal is a 200% gain. You reward/risk ratio is over 5:1 on average. WITH a 70% win accuracy. The only "downside" being a lack of opportunity at times. BUT i never trade for the sake of it and if there are no trades there are simply no opportunities to make huge gains.

The reasons i went into one stock trading: I too used to invest across 8+ stocks during each bull market but realized I would have made much bigger % gains had I have focused one the smaller number of great stocks instead of diversifying for the sake of it across poorer stocks. Then in 2007 I came across a US Dr. that invested fully in one stock at a time, on margin (talk about guts) that took $50,000 to over $2.25million. He was up over $5 million but he was all in on "CROX" on Halloween 2007 when it missed earnings and gapped down. Talk about a spooky ending. I too was fully invested in at that time. I was up over 150% in that one stock but lost about 30% in one day. I remember everyone was expecting it to beat earnings and gap up but i had a "bad feeling about it.."(here's a tip that is true....when everyone fully expects one very,very careful.)BUT he still walked away a millionaire after 4 years of trading. You can never do that diversifying. You want big gains..take big risks with money you can afford to do so with.

I have absolutely nothing against Mutual Funds. They are great for your average man in the street that invests passively for the long term and is happy with about 9% gains. In fact for most people with the emotions of a teenage girl it's the right thing. But if you have a bit of nouse and want the bigger gains you need to do something different. Rather than invest in Mutual funds you are better off investing in index funds. Most of them out-perform managed money with much lower fees.

Once a Month Trade updates NO trading signals given.