Momentum Stock Trading

Past 20 trades

16 ended in profits.

That is a 80% win rate.

In December 2019 I recommended GSX at $20

July 2020… It reached its target price of $80.

Other trades:


Past winners:


By using a very strict technical and fundamentals scan I find the very best trending stocks for a 200-300% gain in the next 8-15 months (on average)

The selection is so “tight” I only find 4-8 stocks a year. And it can go months with no new trades. If it is constant action you seek (Gambling) this is NOT FOR YOU.

No market commentary. No predictions. No B*S*. Just trades.

Trade signals are $900 per annum. Anything less than one year is a waste of time. A three trade cycle would typically take 5+ years

Short term stock trading does not work.

To build wealth think big and think long term. Low risk, high probability and high rusk/reward helps too.

Why gamble in stocks when you could have bought AMZN at $200 and done nothing with it…and now it $2,600+

Shop $50…now at $800+

TSLA $40 now at $1,300+

“The big money is in the BIG moves” Not in the short term trading. Impatience kills gains.

I have an EVEN better option.

One where you almost cannot fail

Make 300%+ in about three years +/- A Year.

No time or monitoring needed.

Can only do about 6-9 of these deals a year and it is $100,000

Do one deal.

Wait for it to sell out and take those profits into 3+ deals…

No need for anything else

$100,000 should be less than 5% of your networth.

Interested email me