All In One Stock

300% target from entry or let the trailing stop take us out

70% chance of success

Roll into at least 2 trades 3+/- years. Depends how quickly i find the stock and how it re-acts after.

Using my momentum stock system developed since 1995 I look for the hot momentum stocks the big institutions are buying into. These are high priced, liquid stocks, no pennies, pink sheets, illiquid stocks etc. The target is 300% from entry that can take 10 to 15+ months these days. The days of stocks doubling in 3 months have gone.

If you can take a bigger risk in order to make a bigger gain this might be for you. I am no magician. The system will sometimes fail. But it is highly accurate and goes for the big moves. The biggest draw back being lack of opportunity. Not many stocks pass my criteria. Once in i simply let the stops take me out one way or another.

Think of it as and treat it as a high probability gamble

Recent successful trades have been FB,TSLA,AMBA. We currently have two open positions after the 2015/16 bear market.

I don't want to set up another Mutual/Hedge fund that is obsessed with low risk (will always mean low gains as well with huge fees.) I want to offer something different.

ONLY trade with risk money. There are no guarantees and past performance is no guarantee of the future performance.

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