One Stock Trading

Using key fundamentals and optimal price entry I have found a system that is over 90% accurate.

Each trade will take about 1 year and nothing will show up in bear markets. Only 2 sectors invested in. This is NOT Mutual fund/index fund, passive low risk investing.

Key is to roll into 5+ trades.



    • US equities
    • Long only
    • High priced, highly liquid stocks
    • Technical and fundamentals
    • 5-12 months moves on average

A good single stock manager will always outperform a huge diversified fund. You don’t even have to be exceptional. Just disciplined. Hold less than 10 positions (the lower the better but go too far and you will suffer huge losses)

Ed Seykota and Tom Basso are two traders you should follow and read up on.


Past performance does not guarantee future performance.There is a risk of losses.

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