Stock Trading System


Automatically invest in great stocks (companies) like:


For 300%-500%+ gains in the 3-4 year time frames.

No charting.

No technical analysis

Stocks show this.

This price range only.

The volume.

These 2 sectors only

Trail with this stop

Exit if this happens.

Never follow the markets or anyone advice.

Check once every 2-3 weeks is fine. Total 10 minutes to manage.

Combine key fundamentals with technicals’ to invest in the leading stocks in the two best sectors. There is only one kind of stock you should invest in at one stage. No stories, buying on rumours, guessing take-overs, earnings etc. Buy huge growth stocks here and hope you hit a few hundred % in the next 2-3 years.

NO daily watching. Over watching or over analysing is a waste of time, adds stress and can lead you to over-trade. Get out of this habit.

Sunday evening/Monday morning place trades manage ongoing trades. Done till next week.

No reading blogs, forums, newsletters, talking heads, etc. Never any need for anyone’s opinion.

No penny stocks, pink sheets, guess earnings, chart patterns, options, shorting. 99.99% of Technical analysis is a smoke screen. No gambling. These are high priced, liquid stocks and great companies. Why invest in anything else?

No short-term gambling. All short term trading is gambling.  Automatically get on-board the leading U.S. GROWTH STOCKS. 95% of stocks on the market are poor companies so why would you invest in them?

The only two sectors you should invest in. 90% of the biggest winning stocks are in these two sectors. Why bother any-where else?

The price target you should the the bulk of your profits. It’s nice to dream of your stock going up 10,000% and going up for-ever but reality is a little different.

You are simply following the institutional money into market leading, momentum, growth stocks. Simple. Everything else is B*S* and a waste of time.

How Many stocks to Invest in to get the best % gains but never suffer more than 20% draw-downs!

Expected returns: Thus is entirely based on how aggressively or passively you trade the system. Want to shoot for 100%’s+ returns then you have to go in in one or two stocks only. Want to invest without stress and worry of big losses then spread across 7-10 stocks.

Put it this way, you’ll out-perform every Mutual Fund, stock fund, money manager out there if you stick to the system.

7 habits of a Highly Successful Trader




Hard Copy of System and access to the stock members area for-ever where stock management will be emailed to you and you can see the trades.


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Or $3,000 wire transfer.

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** Past performance doe snot guarantee future performance. There is a risk of loss**