A PUBCO Investment

So imagine you have a trading system that gave you 300%+ returns in 3-4 years “Almost” guaranteed. 95%+ chance of success. Unless a Black Swan event occurred or an act of fraud/god you make these returns. Would you invest in it?

This is why I do not short term trade, invest in: start ups, venture capital, forex, binary options, crypto + many more. I like almost sure things. And so should you:

Lend money to private companies that go public and obtain a % equity+ Money back+ Interest

You take charge of the asset in the PUBCO. That is worth $350,000 to $500,00

Minimum Investment: $100,000

Time Frame: 3-4 Years

U.S. fully registered and legally complaint company.

No investment is ever completely risk free but this is about as clsoe to one as you can get

Limited deals. They show up when they show up. Work on 6-10 per year.

If genuinely interested drop me an email. I would say you need $100,000 to be less than 5% of your investable assets.