The Momentum Stock Trading System

Systematic momentum stock trading system

past 20 trade

16 winners 90% to 430%

4 losing trade -18% to -45%

A system is a set of rules to follow No discretion or bending of the rules when you feel like it. It is a step by step set of instructions you follow with no emotional process involved.

The rules determine which stocks and what set up you are looking at.



Position sizing

No opinions, predictions, thoughts are needed. You simply follow rules.

80%+ chance of success. It is about as sure thing trading as you can get

Trade time 9-12 months

High priced, highly liquid, US long only stocks

Advantages of systematic trading

Hack to into the very best stocks without doing any due dilligence into the company

Takes away indecision, opinion, contradicting advice

Takes away virtually any time expenditure. I.e takes minutes a day to manage


You need 100% belief in the system to stick to it

Need to be disciplined

The feeling to create a new system add or change rules can be huge

Past 20 trades

16 winning trades

4 losing trades

Average number of stocks recommended per year eight



It does not trade often. Quality is better than quantity. 6-12 trades a year on average.

If your account is less than $100,000 I suggest trading 1-4 stocks at a time. Then spread the risk to about four stocks. Not pulling profits out every year but every three years. Compounding makes a HUGE difference

H.N.W. Risk takers only.

What kind of returns can you expect? It all depends on two factors

  1. Your position sizing. How small a number of stocks you trade increases volatility hugely. The Dr. I knew that took $50,000 to over $5,000,000 and back to $2,000,000 did so by going in with leverage on one stock at a time. Huge risks can mean huge rewards.
  2. The market. Bull markets easy. Bear markets you sit and do nothing. You have to be willing to not trade for 10+ months. Can you?

$25,000 go all in one stock four times.

Accept the possibility of upto 50% losses

Four trades work on about four years

If you hit the 200% target and compound each trade…do the math. That is the goal.

Signals $200 per month bonus you get the Explosive Lower Priced Stock Trading System and the Shorting Stocks Course ($300 value)

+ IPO trading signals included.($50 per month value)

Give it a go for year and see what profits it makes you.

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