US Momentum Stock Trading.

Systematic momentum stock trading system

Anything less than a 4:1 reward/risk ratio is useless. Hence why day and short term trading is a big no.

GSX 400% gains in 2019/20

Anything less than 60% winning is not good enough. This system is at 70%+ Whilst there will always be losing trades most do come off. If a gambler has a system at 70%+ winners they go all in.

You need to use the power of compounding to get huge % gains. Forget trading for income or even yearly gains. You put XX amount in, compound it over a few years and pull profits out. Repeat.

Go for sure things. Not only sure things but where the probability of rewards are big. Leave gambling, penny stocks, rumours, alone

Dear Readers,
I  have been following this newsletters and recommendations since at least 2015.  For the most part, they have been outstanding suggestions and my returns have been terrific.   He seems to have a real gift for finding hidden treasures.  He gives you entry and exit targets and all you have to do is be prudent with how much you invest in any one stock.  I never back up the truck and put all my eggs in one basket.  That is just good risk management.  When Mark sends out a signal, however, I always follow it and it has been a terrific service for me and I have experienced a spectacular success rate with his picks.
R. Tober Florida

You have to accept the possibility of upto 50% losses.

you have to take an eight year+ view

The stock trading system I use and have done since about 2003 it a 100% mechanical, long only system on USA stocks. High priced and highly liquid stocks using technical and fundamentals. It’s the same system i used in 2003-07 to trade TASR, TZOO,,CROX

No chart patterns, no stories, no second guessing. It’s wrong some times. Mostly correct. It needs monitoring twice a week even once a week is enough. No day trading or intra day monitoring. No reading blogs, forums, watching, listening to anyone ever needed.

I have been following stocks for several years and had made lots of profitable trades and had significantly grown my account over the years. It is an easy to follow system you only focus on few stocks per year and can easily place trades in your free time without needing to be glued to the computer. I anticipate much more profits in future Ilyas from Texas

No chart patterns, no T.A. beyond the very basics. No predicting, hoping or wishing. This takes me about five minutes a day to manage. Scan, orders, that’s it.

ZM: 300% gains in 2020

2019 stock portfolio




1 Year Trading Signals

These are very selective. In fact I hardly trade. If you are seeking action this is not for you. I probably find 4-8 such stocks per annum and can go months with no new trade. It’s not exactly hard work. But is it iron discipline to only trade the stocks i give. AND the exits I give. The number of times i have said ok exit XX stocks at $150 and someone says “But i sold six months ago when it hit $60.”

Every stock is different. Some can hit 400%+ profits in less than six months. Some take 12 months+ and some take 18+ months with huge corrections. IF you second guess my signals forget it.

$1,200 per annum. Works out $100 per month. IF that is too much I do not think we are going to be a good match.

The goal isn’t income or yearly % gains. You compound your account for eight years or so and make enough to retire.

I would suggest holding 4-8 of these stocks. Only trade with money you are willing to take on extra risk for bigger gains.

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