US Stocks

A real simple, hands off, system to trade U.S. Momentum stocks.

It’s not the Holy Grail, it’s not perfect, it’s designed to give profits, low stress, hands free. THIS was the most important point. Passive returns.

  • All stocks above $20 and over 1 million in volume – no pennies, illiquid, pink sheets.
  • HUGE momentum
  • Taking a low risk, quick % move out of that stock.
  • Trade once a month- it’s designed to hands free. Place your trade(s) done. Let the market move. Either profit or loss. Usually pretty quick as well 1-4 months on average.
  • + reward/risk ratio
  • Over 60% win/loss ratio
  • Long only.
  • 100% systematic/rules based. No opinions needed.



 Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. There is a risk of loss.