Momentum Stock Trading

Systematic momentum stock trading system

Momentum Stock Trading System

100% systematic way to find and trade the stocks the institutions buy and create trends in.

The scan to plug in and find these stocks

How to trade them for maximum gains

Here is ZM. Notice it went from about $70 to over $600 then it falls off to where it is now. Long term investing does not work in stocks. Why was a stock worth $70 then $600 now $150? It makes no sense at all. The stock market is a pyramid scheme it makes ZERO business sense at all.


You will not find many stocks using this system. Maybe 3-6 per annum in a good year. It is that selective.

Momentum Stock Trading System based of the system that a Dr. took $50,000 and rolled into $5 million by trading in one stock at a time in the 2003-08 bull market. Sadly the markets do not move like this anymore but the principles stay the same. Find great stocks that are almost sure things and go all in. High risk for HUGE rewards.

Momentum Stock Trading System

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