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Nada..zilcch…not one. No tell a lie, I like to browse Ed Seykota’s trading tribe FAQ from time to time as his approach is similiar to mine.

You should not waste your time reading about the economy, stocks, charting, T.A. earnings etc….

It clouds your decision making. Wastes your time and can lead you to do silly things. It’s just opinions any way. No matter how good of a forecaster or trader they “claim” to be everything they say/write is their “Belief.” Maybe you find it interesting. Maybe it works out. Maybe not.

I prefer not to waste my tie in micro managing or trying to a smart *** and predict the future.

Stock trading shouldn’t be everything anyone. The trouble with people that call them-selves “professional” traders is they then try and do too much in the market. They trade all kinds of time frames, start predicting and writing about what might happen.

I prefer to run other businesses. Or take time off. No amount of reading, watching will make one jot of difference to what happens to the stock price anyway.

Like I said before, the best “stock investors” are the ones that do not micro manage the trades. It only takes 10 minutes a week. See the stock, get in place stops, done. Move on. Do other things. Don’t go and make a 10 minute a week business/investment something it was never designed to be.