90%+ Accurate Stocks

 Past 20 stocks

19 have hit profits on exit

12 have hit 200% target

1 has failed.

1 collapsed just after we got out.

IF you get the right stock (technical and fundamentals) at the right time, you can be highly accurate.

Stocks like:

WB <$40

PYPL: <$40

BZUN <$30

AAOI <$25

FB <$50

ZEN: <$35

SQ <$40

7 Habits of a Highly Successful Trader

Successful stock trading is:

Waiting for almost sure things. FB <$50 was a sure thing. WB,BZUN,AAOI,SQ etc…sure things if you get in early enough. Can you wait 6 months for such a stock? Can you apply a systematic set of rules and wait? In my experience very few can do this. if you are trading stocks because you need to make money…..get out! It will not work.

Make sure you have the potential for big % moves in those stocks. Day trading, swing trading, earnings guessing, trading stories..waste of time.

Stick to your system. This is where 99% fail. You can give them a Holy Grail and there need for action there second guessing will ruin it.

Ignore the day to day gyrations.

You need to get into these stocks at this price level in these two industries only. Barring fraud you end up in profit.

Forget short term, day trading. Forget options. The institutions buy into these stocks at these levels and create the big trends.

Basic technical analysis and key fundamentals are all you need. No opinions, stories, predictions, etc wanted.

Then it’s a matter of sticking with it and getting out when your exit is hit. No second guessing and no opinions ever needed.

About 4-6 stocks a year pass all my criteria. Then you hold for 200% gains which can take 12-18 months these days. pre 2000 is was about 4 months. 2003-2008 it was about 8 months. Now we are at an average of 14+ months. There simply isn’t as much money flowing into stocks these days.

Things move a lot slower. Don’t shoot the messenger. It can still be done but it takes longer. In the 90’s I remember stocks moving $30+ a day…$100+ a month. Now you are lucky to see $4+ moves in the same kind of stocks. The masses (the dumb money..) has moved into Crypto gambling.

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