Take The Almost Sure 100% Move Out Of Stocks.

THis is SQ stock. How many sure 100% moves could you have taken from this stock? Notice it is a qtrly bar chart (every 3 months) No need for daily,weekly,monthly bars….random noise

Gambling doesn’t work. Stacking the odds hugely in your favour and taking the smaller but more sure thing does.

Whilst no trading system can ever be 100% accurate you can hit 80%+ winners if you only trade certain stocks at certain times.

It’s nice to dream about buying a $2 stocks, going on world vacation, coming back and it is now at$300+ That actually did happen quite often pre 2008. But even then, it was the exception not the rule.

Once you try and pick tops and bottoms, go for those occassional huge moves you go from almost sure thing business to day dreaming mode. It’s a bit like going from running a casino to being a punter. Smart money goes for the high probabilities only.

I have developed a set formula for stocks where you get in and out for 100% moves. And based on the past 20 trades 16 came off. 4 didn’t. So trade a 4 stock portfolio with the system.

High priced, liquid stocks with lots of momentum behind them. You need to find the stocks the institutions are buying into. Not the penny, low priced, illiquid stocks.

Short term trading does not work. If your risk reward is not at leas 1:2 you will not win.

No need to watch daily. That’s a waste of time and drives you mad. Once a week is good enough.

ONLY 2 sectors you should ever consider.

Fundamentals and certain stocks characteristics do matter. Most trend following systems say they can trade any market successfully. That is not true. Stocks are different to futures and forex etc. Stocks have a lot more information to go and to ignore key fundamentals is a huge mistake. The Mutual funds follow great stocks and it is them that create the big trends.

You get into well established trends, get out with 100% gains, and you leave the rest of the move alone. Some go a lot higher. Some do not. Time becomes another factor you need to consider. A 100% move in 6 months is better than a 200% move that takes 3 years.

My criteria for buying is so strict only 5-10 stocks a year pass them all. And in a bear market nothing will show up. This is very passive. Most weeks there is nothing to do.

Stock signals service is $200 per 12 months

The Four Things You Need To Trade Highly Accurate Moves

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