17 Past 20 Stocks Hit A Profit- US Stocks Only

Over 60% Of My Stocks Hit A 200% Target


“A set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organised scheme or method.”


“The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour,” (in short- To follow the system and not deviate)

01/09/2017: (updated every 2 months)


past 20 trades


17 end in profit. 12 hitting a 200% price target




Systematically Find and Invest in Stocks Like These For a 200% Target With Most Of the Position.

Not Every Position Hits the target price. Some do not quite reach the 200% target and fall off before. It can frustrating but the idea is to follow the systems rules instead of trying to second guess.
Occasionally, we suffer a loss. These stocks usually start off well but then suffer a huge slowdown which results in us bailing out.
  Obviously, we are a slave to the market. Our success can only be achieved in a bull market. The idea is not to lose money (i.e keep out of new trades and tread water on invested stocks) until the market picks up again.   Normally, the markets go in 7 year cycles (give or take a year) of 5 years bull and 2 years bear. By following these stocks we are ahead of all averages and no predicting is ever needed.

And if I am being 100% honest. It’s as boring and as passive a business as you could ever come across. It is managed in about 20 minutes a week. No amount of “hard work” or extra effort will change a thing in how the stocks act. In fact, the danger is, the more time you spend watching the market gyrate the more danger of breaking the rules. I am not a stock picker, trader or predictor but a system follower.

  Some of my basic rules:

  1. Only go long stocks that have the potential to make big gains. There is no point in going in and risking money for small 10-40% swings.
  2. Keep it simple with long only. Buy/sell. No options, shorting, spreads etc.
  3. You should never waste your time seeking opinion or trying to predict. “if you have to ask..you shouldn’t trade it.”
  4. Every stock gyrates and is random in its movement. Longer term = more predictable. Shorter term = random.
  5. Fundamentals absolutely do matter.
  6. Stop doing stupid things: penny stocks, acting on tips, pump and dumps, short term trading, etc.
  7. Do other things with your time. It’s a waste of effort and time to do anything ore than actually follow the system.

***There is a risk of loss. Trade with risk capital. ***