High Probability, Big % Gains, In U.S. Momentum Stocks

6 Step 100% Systematic Method To Finding And Trading New Market Leading Stocks

Forget being a trading guru or trading by gut feel or from advice.

Follow the system and find the new market leading stocks.

You should ONLY be looking at stocks in these two sectors. If you trade in any other sectors you will not hit big winners

This is the price range you should buy at

The price range you should sell at

What stop you have to use to allow wriggle room.

What about the age of the stock? Think it’s important?

The only price criteria you need to be concerned about. Nothing else matters.

What about fundamentals’? Which ones should you be looking at? THREE. And you can do it in about 2 minutes.

Scan for stocks using a free stock screener once a week. Find a short list of stocks, Go down the checklist and see if you have any left. Trade them Done.

Gains 200% -400% in about 10-18 months. No short term trading ever!!!

Long only U.S. New Market Leading, Growth Stocks. Do not bother with any other stock market and do not look at any other stocks.

Stocks like:

FB – Over 300% gains

AAOI: Over 200% gains

WB: Over 400% gains


I do not even know what half of these companies even do. They passed all my rules and therefore were trades. End of.

It takes about 10 minutes a week to manage. That’s all you ever need. I never read ANY blogs, forums, newsletters, guru’s predictions, News, papers, radio, etc. Nothing ever!!

Sadly, there is so much B*S* when it comes to trading/investing in stocks. No-one can predict. There is no Holy Grail. Short term (even worse is day trading) does not work! It’s much simpler than those companies selling $3,000+ courses will have you believe. You need a simple system, that actually works, and have the discipline to follow it

PDF Version of M.S.T.S. $25.

Email: momentumstocks909@gmail.com