Momentum Stock Trading System

16 past 20 trades have been successful.

AAOI +220%

WB: +260%

WB A trade from 2017

ZEN +215%

CYBR: +315%

Further in the past: TZOO +500% TASR +500%, NTRI +440%, CROX +190%

Ongoing: ETSY, STNE

Work on 5-8 stocks per annum only. It’s a very selective stock trading system

Long, US, high priced, liquid stocks

2 Sectors only

In at one price range for upto 500% gains

3 Key fundamentals you must see in the stock

Scan and manage trades ONCE a week only. No intra/daily monitoring wanted.

What Does Not Work In Stock Trading/Investing:

  • Day/short term trading “guessing” That is pure gambling.
  • Listening to advice
  • Predicting
  • 99% of Technical Analysis
  • Charts/Chart patterns, etc.
  • Media advice
  • Penny/low quality stock speculation.
  • Trading for income.

Hard copy of the full trading system in step by step form. With examples. Delivered to your home address.


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