All In One Stock Trading.

Systematic momentum stock trading system

THE big money is in the BIG Moves:

Why short term trade (or god forbid day trade) when you can make 300-400% in stocks like these:

Nothing to do with break outs, T.A., timing etc. The stock, the sector and the market count.

If you wait and only invest in stocks where everything lines up, which isn’t very often, and leave the short term gambling to others you can do very well in stocks. Most simply gamble. Thinking their T.A. or charting pattern is some kind of edge. It isn’t.

Using technicals and fundamentals here is a system that is highly accurate and goes for big % gains.

Gains in the 300%-400% range

No short term trading here. Once in you check once or twice a month and let the exit take you out. Often holding for 12-18 months.

Investing in stocks you are not investing in companies. You are simply seeing what the big funds are buying into and what is likely to keep going up. No amount of short term trading or technical analysis will help here. These stocks often correct 30%+

High price, highly liquid stocks.

Go all in at least three successive time. Take 4-5 years.

Huge rewards require huge risks:

Risk 70%+

Potential rewards: (do the math 300% compounded over three trades)

Win % rate is currently at 80% based on the past 20 trades.

IF it drops below 70% I will cease trading until it hits 80%+ again. If you go all in one stock you cannot go below 70% winners.

The system is selective. Average of 4-6 stocks per year in a good year. It can go 10+ months with no new trades.



1 stock

3 times.

Work on four years.

Risk 70%. Reward (300% x 3 successive times)


No management fee. 12% of final profits.

Follow the trades your-self:

Email me:

*** Past performance does NOT guarantee future performance. There are big risks involved trading this way. Only trade with money you can lose 70% of and think “So what…” ***