You Want Huge % Gains In Stocks?

  1. Take huge risks with risk capital *** VERY important*** You have to be willing to take big losses to go for huge gains.
  2. Go all in one stock.
  3. Trade for potential big gains. 200%+ moves.400% is better. The less you actually trade the better.
  4. Only trade in very high probability stocks. If it isn’t at 70%+ chance of success… not trade it.
  5. Roll the trades into 2-4 trades. That takes time! Do not spin your wheels. If a bull market lasts 4-6 years on average you want to make as much profit in that bull market.
  6. Face reality. You will face losing and flat periods. Unless you make so much in a bull market cycle you can get out for good!

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 My 10 Rules of Stock Trading

  1. Ignore all opinion. “if you have to ask you should not be doing it”
  2. Keep out of gambling. Penny stocks, short term trading, stories, tips.
  3. Beyond price and volume forget all other forms of T.A. Moving averages, pitchforks, gann angles, chart patterns etc…Do me a favour.
  4. Only trade the USA stock market.
  5. Do not do it full time.
  6. Never predict anything.
  7. Go for the almost sure part of the trend. Never pick tops/bottoms.
  8. Fundamentals do matter
  9. Big rewards mean taking big risks.
  10. Patience, common sense and discipline. That’s 90% of it