Direct Private Investments

Direct, private, equity Investments focusing on Gold, mining and commodities:


Most investments start at $500,000+


  1. A commodity trading and gold refining company.  is unique in that we are fully audited, publicly listed gold refining and commodity trading company.  That is to say we offer investors seeking leverage to refined gold and more recently zinc and silver with full transparency and financial disclosure.  Prior to COVID-19 we were on a very high growth trajectory. COVID related lockdowns and quarantines severely disrupted supply chains This is a lower risk, cash flowing, “gold” company

At *** our wholly-owned operating subsidiary, operates *** licensed gold refinery where we source gold from licensed Small Gold Miners (SGM’s), refine it to four-9’s gold bullion and legally export it to global markets.  I had hoped to be able to attract additional financing to support further growth but financial sponsors have been avoiding small scale gold investments despite our compliant, lower risk and regulated structure – basically a squeaky clean gold refiner-exporter in a sector that is renown for being less than squeaky clean,). More recently we expanded our commodity trading platform to include zinc and silver concentrates and are developing an iron ore mine development and bulk commodity export business segment.  This might be of more interest to your investor. 

Our project(s) are located within perhaps the largest iron ore resource in the world called Mutun.  It is located in eastern Bolivia spanning the border with Brazil with about 90% of the estimated 40 billion tonne high grade resource on the Bolivia side of the border.  The State Owned Company (SOC) has failed or been just simply unable to properly develop the significant resources at scale and enter the world trade for DSO 62% iron ore.  In fact very little exploration and development work has been completed on the Bolivian side of the border.  At ***, we have spent the better part of 2021 developing a strategy, identifying and acquiring prospective lands (under option and new claims), and costing our development and transport logistic solution to develop our own resources and also enter into long term supply contract with the SOC.   

Our working capital expansion requirements for the above on the order of US$5million (to start).  Lots of growth potential in or current Zn concentrate export business and future bulk commodities.

Can review all of the above via whatsapp/zoom call at your convenience.