Explosive Momentum Lower Priced Stock Trading System.

Never trade lower priced stocks they say………

Some of these lower prices, momentum stocks explode 200% in as little as five days. No other stocks offer this kind of opportunity.

Take the sure middle 200% MOVE from these stocks!!! Rinse and repeat as many times as you dare. Only trade with money you can risk.

“I know a lot of manipulation takes place in these lower priced stocks but I could never come up with a system to trade them. UNTIL I found this. ” P.Johnson

Keep out of penny stocks, blah..blah..but nothing offers the volatility of momentum penny stocks.

Nothing has the volatility of low priced momentum stocks.

” I made big profits in FCEL and BUZZ I will not say how much as it is all relative. I like the system” Robert Taylor Florida


The target on these stocks is 200% and some do it in a couple of weeks.

The scan to run



The target is 200% on these stocks and that can happen fast. But you have to know which stocks are setting up for this and how to trade them.

Trade stocks like FCEL,SAVA,ONCY

Past 20 trades:

9 hit the 200% target
6 winners (20% to 175%)
5 losing trades -5% to -35%

But you better have a system to find and trade them


The system is fully detailed and examples given in just 15 pages. I do not pad this out for the sake of it. The complete system to FIND and trade explosive stocks that can go up 200% in a matter of weeks.

Momentum Stock Trading System pdf

How, Where How to get in and and how to get out. THESE ARE the very best stocks and the very best trades.

It combines fundamentals with technicals to give you what I call grade A+ stocks. Whilst there are no sure things in stocks you may as well only trade in super high probability trades.

The scan to run, the only price range you should get in. How to exit. The only two sectors you should look at. TWO key fundamentals you have to know about the stock before you get in that ensures it is a high quality growth stocks and not some crappy company that will fail.

” I like the system as it actually makes sense. I will try and stick to the rules and not to tinker too much. But I do like to try and “adapt” systems with other methods. But it is very good and does as it says. Thx” J. Snelll MD

Hit home run after home run on these stocks 2015-2018 in BZUB, WB, AAOI,SQ, FB + many more. It’s about as close to “shooting fish in a barrel” as you can get trading US stocks.

This is a hard copy of the trading system.

And as a bonus

SHORTING Stocks Trading System:

Shorting stocks can be extremely profitable. BUT it has a small window of opportunity and there are only a very small number of highly selective stocks you should consider shorting. You need to go for the big moves and only these type of stocks offer them.

Complete trading system on how to short stocks for huge profits.

Momentum Stock Trading System. Go for the big trends in high quality stocks the Mutual funds create trends in when they buy

Shorting Stocks: There is only type of stock to short at one time. Go for the big swings on the downside. 2000-2001 and 2008 this created HUGE % gains.

Momentum Stock Trading System and Shorting Stocks System trading systems is just $500.