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18th April 2019

Q) How do you know this works if we enter a bear market.  What if 2008 roles around again?Are LEAPS riskier or less risky?

 No stocks will show up in a bear market. In fact, no stocks will show up months before a market top. But they will show up even in a bear market as it starts to recover.
2008 I was in cash 2 months before the crash……then nothing. Why people held on during that meltdown is beyond me.
Cost of the system?$1,000Lifetime trading signals and a hard copy of the actual trading system.
I do have a small number of managed accounts. All in one stock.Three times That is $50,000

  1. By lifetime trading signals, when the event comes, then I get an EOD signal?
  2. Hard copy means that I can figure out the signals among the three stocks myself?
  3. No stop loss as one must be willing to risk 50% loss?
  4. No roll for LEAPS?

Yes it means you get access to the members area. So all new stocks are posted there. You get access for as long as you want 
Yes you get the trading rules…..in hard copy send to your house/office. So you have the system and can use membership access to confirm your trades…maybe you will not need it for long?
50% stop…i basically trade with no stop. ANY stocks that falls 50% is finished. I have never hit a 50% loss. EVER. Most are in the 20-30% range.
Remember not many stocks show up. That’s the trick. Brokers try and get you to trade too much. The key is to buy only type of stock at one time. ignore the random noise and hope you hit 300%+ gains. Roll into the next one
If i was you….Take $40,000 divide by 4…..trade $10,000 in ONE stock 3 times. At least two of those position should come off big. That will take time.

I don’t know I will what you mean by taking ONE stock and trading it three times.  Like averaging down.  Sorry but I’m not clear on that at all.
Hope I hear from you soon.
Good night
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One stock trading.
Go all in one stock at a time…3 times. Take $10,000 to $100,000+ if all three come off. Repeat.
Only do it with $10,000. BUT have four seperate one stock trades to spread the risks.

We use just three same stocks or if I’m on my own I’m going to have to search for them myself ?
2.  If I join, do I await the next signal or just right in with the existing picks?

So we are finding certain stocks in the $15-$40 range and riding to $100
I say if the stock is less than $50 then it’s still a buy. Over that wait.
Once you are out of a stock we never trade that one again. We look for the next one.



An  existing profitable companies that are making from say $2m – $5m a year on up that need $10-$100+ million to expand. Not 100% sure but I think we can do foreign companies too. I have a couple in front of them right now so I will know shortly. The requirement is that they go public in the US with me and use my proprietary structure. My proprietary structure is beneficial to them as I hold them at 80% non-dilutable ownership for existing shareholders no mater how much money we raise. I also protect the investors that the brokerage firm brings in, so that is why the brokerage firms want me to structure their deals. (If an existing US public company, than I would restructure their company rather than take it public.)


Q) How is the Gold Mining Going?

It’s finally moving along. A few teething problems but we are now actually mining in Tanzania. It took a bit longer than we anticipated but finally we are extracting gold.

We will have delivery on gold for people that bought pre-paid gold forward contracts within the next month or so. And thereafter we will move faster on all future delivery.

Anyone interested in this drop me an email.

We can offer you pre paid gold at a big discount. Crypto accepted. (gold is VAT and TAX FREE UK/USA) Or if you are the risk taker type and not scared to actually take a chance we can offer you a turnkey full scale business opportunity.

One Stock Trading:

  I only find about 5-10 stocks a year.

  Ignore all stories, hype, hope, predictions, short term gambling. That leads to losses.

  1 type of stock, 2 sectors only.

Get in at a certain price level, get out at an exit level. Set your stop. That’s it.

There is nothing else to ever do. No amount of extra “detective work”, technical analysis, building a better trading system will make a jot of difference.

   The idea you go in all in one stock 3X’s

At 80% chance of success on each trade HOPE it ends in huge profits. There is a small risk of big losses. So you only start with risk money.

Even if that is just $5,000 THREE SUCCESSIVE WINNING TRADES means big profits.

  THEN on the next cycle you go in bigger. The potential for huge % gains comes when you can start with $30,000+ from trade 1.

  It takes time. It takes a certain level of risk tolerance. But it is the only way to make a small account into something huge. 

Does Insider Trading still go on?

You tell me. A thinly traded stock goes from less than $10 to $500 in less than 2 weeks.

Then you have a low priced stock that flies from $1 to $20 in about 5 weeks.

The question is how can we profit from these moves? Obviously i have not found a way…yet.

January 2019

The Stock Market Is One Big Casino

EVERY publicly traded stock that I have dealt with over 20+ years is a scam at one level or another, period…that is the very nature of the stock game: the big insiders play their little games and the little retail investors deal with it…round and round she goes…so if u don’t like it then either short stocks or don’t involve yourself with the Wall Street machine…

u say “investigate the company” that is a naive comment to say the least…the ONLY time that investigators investigate is FOR THOSE VERY INSTITUTIONS WHO WANT TO BUY IN CHEAPLY AT UR EXPENSE…can u see how the game is played???

GE is a joke P & G is a joke and for that matter AAPL is a joke, they are ALL a joke, but the Institutions who hold those shares have no desire AT THIS TIME to cause any major stock depreciation outside of normal market fluctuations, thus no investigations will occur into those companies and their insider games…

Don’t hate the game learn the rules. If instead of being a buyer of stock you’d like to be the owner contact me: momentumstocks909@gmail.com

The Wolf On Wall Street

If any movies shows how stupid most people are it is this one. Not the actual movie but what people say afterwards how he did his manipulation. I have heard so much B*S* about what he actually did. If you do not know or are not sure best not to make it up.

So in the movie he’s a stock broker selling crappy penny stocks to punters where he makes about 50% of the sale. How could he make such high profits? Because that money was lost as soon as they put it in.

How did he get the punters to buy? He did what all salesman do…LIE. Build rapport, come across as helpful, be super nice, spin a tale or two, build in urgency….got to do that. CLOSE the sale. Sound familiar? (hint ever salesman has the same MO.)

So he claimed to be making was it $70,000+ a month at one stage selling penny stocks to suckers. Maybe..maybe not.

Then he moved up. By opening his own brokerage he learned that he could buy into low float stocks (stocks that do not issue a large number of sales to be traded) then manipulate the buyers into that stocks, there-fore increasing its price. Often buy 300%-500%+. He would then offload his shares to his customers of course therefore propping up the price as he got out.

Once out he would stop pumping it and the stock would start to collapse. His customers would try to bail out but this was in the days when you had to phone your broker to place an order. They would use all kind of tactics to delay the sale.

He’s move onto his next play.

It was a pump and pump scheme. He didn’t act on insider trading (aka Gordon Gekko).

Imagine having a trading system where you were guaranteed to make 300%-500% gains on every trade. That’s what he had. No losses. A pure gurantee on every trade.

It worked well for him because:

  1. It was all coming from Stratton Oakmont…..the 100 year old forged in stone stock brokerage business. Build trust and get clients to deposit money into the brokerage
  2. He developed a script..a system to sell. All sales companies do. Go and look at his straight line system he know sells.
  3. It was the days pre internet. People couldn’t google what others said (although this is a double edged sword) Orders had to be phoned in and this is where the conmen had a chance to manipulate.
  4. Most of his clients were doctors, dentists, HNW clients. Playing around with $20,000 to $100,000+ was common.
  5. He swindled in a way that was not obvious at first. When the stocks collapsed he would blame it on the stock/market etc…and convince the suckers to invest a gain and again….eventually they got wise or went broke.

What I can gather he started about 1989 and was finally arrested in 1995. It was six years. Probably took the AUTHORITES ABOUT 3 years to notice what was going on. Another three years to shut him down.

Such a scam would not work now. With internet brokerage there is no need for phone conversations. But I have no doubt there are many more in operation now we will get to know about in the future.

Q Do you think this bear market is over or is it a suckers rally?

A) I never make predictions. I wonder why people bother doing that? Maybe it makes them seem a lot better than they really are. I simply follow my stocks. So to answer the question. I have no idea.

Q) What about trading forex instead of stocks?

A) You should avoid forex, futures, binary options, crypto’s etc as for trading. The fact is you should not day or short trade anything. But you should avoid those markets even for long term investing.

   With stocks they generally do go up. Overall. Then you can pick high quality stocks and invest early on in the trend for the sure part of the move.

  I find forex. futures, binary options etc….you only have price action to go. It’s a pure gamble. Coupled with the fact the brokers are out to scam their punters you should avoid like the plague. Only the brokers get rich. 

Q) I bought your system in 2003. It was great. Remember nailing TASR,HANS,NTRI. If I remember you had your own stock screener and charting software. What happened to that?

A) The good old days. I created my own stock tables based off my system in 2002 and then got a programmer in the USA to create my own basic charting software. It worked well for while. But the screener was high maintenance.  The data feed was not reliable and constantly breaking down.  It was a nice aid to trading but not necessary. I use a free stock screener these days and it does the job fine.

  The charting software is still on Tucows but I don’t think it works anymore. Again, it was a nice aid to trading but not necessary at all. I do not chart stocks anymore. It’s a waste of time.

  I found all chart patterns and 99% of technical analysis was a complete waste of time.  

Q) Why did you shift from the traditional portfolio of stocks to trading one stock?

A) I was inspired by a US doctor in 2007 that showed me how he took $50,000 account to over $5 million….then lost $3 million when CROX collapsed on missed earnings but walked away with $2 million. All in a 5 year time frame. It was an amazing thing to watch. I told him the day of the earnings miss and CROX gapped down 20% right away to get out on the open. He lost almost $1 million in about 15 minutes but he should have walked away with $4 million. He simply refused. Telling me the market was wrong and CROX would come back and hit $200. He said his goal was to make $10 million then retire. Very dangerous thing to want. You should never put a price expectation on a stock. He hung on for about six weeks before selling out with huge losses on that trade. Lucky he did as it fell a lot more in the months ahead. Never to be heard of ever again. Hopefully he quit.  

  I think he got a bit deluded in the end. Thinking he had some kind of midus touch when it came to stocks. Stocks that miss earnings or guide lower are finished. End of the game.

  He showed me all his trades (to this day I have no idea why..unless he wanted me to believe him) It proved to me if you wan to go for the huge % gains you simply have to take on huge risk.

  So you only take those huge risks in what I call AAA rated stocks at the right time. Anything else you will get crushed. Killed. You might get lucky for  a trade or two but not for long. 

  The way I see it only trade this way with “Play money.” If you lose 50%+ of it you shouldn’t be starving to death or something. Let’s say you have a $250,000 portfolio. Put $225,000 in an index fund and forget about it for 10-15 years. The other $25,000 take huge risks with it in the right stocks at the right time and see where 5 trades takes you. With the system at over 80% winners (based on the past 20 trades) you can take your chances. It’s getting the balance right between going for huge % gains but respecting the risks you are taking.

Even Warren Buffet said with a small account he would expect 50%+ returns in a bull market. 100% returns are possible SOME years.

Q) Have the markets changed?

A) The volatility is way down on where it used to be. Stocks simply move slower now. 1996-2000 tech bubble stocks would double in 2 months. 🙂 2003-2007 stocks would double in 6 months. 2009 onwards stocks now double in 10 months. The reason being most of the “playing” public have left stocks. Imagine 10 million punters chasing tech stocks in 1999. Now there are only 1 million. Therefore not as much volume in the stocks. Volatility is way down. That’s down to economics. 

If you check the volume on stocks that traded from say 1995 you can see the volume dropped off big after 2009. The 2008 credit crisis killed the speculative volume. It has still not come back. Will it ever?

It means things move slower than they used to. There are still great stocks to invest in. The trillion$ Mutual fund industry has to invest in certain stocks.

Q) What do you think of trading black boxes?

A) The idea is actually very good. It will eliminate all emotion from trading. A rules based trading system will beat a disctretional trader any time over the long run.

Trading success is about handling risk and sticking to the your system. Not about gut feel, predicting or the “art of trading” There is no such thing. Like I keep saying, there is no such person as a good trader. Trading isn’t like pro tennis where you either have the ability or not. Good traders simply do not do the silly things. Like listen to stories, predict, rely on advice, etc

If you followed a black box trading system your job is to do just that. It would never be about how you feel, how did your last 6 trades go? Should I trade this one or miss it out etc.

Sadly, most black box trading systems are written by marketing companies. No actual effort goes into the system. Most probably use moving averages to simply go with the trend.

The idea is right. Trading should be a set of rules with manageable risk.

I do not think I could make One Stock Trading into a blackbox trading system as I rely on certain characteristics on the stock and fundamentals. But it is still a 100% rules based trading system. There is no wondering if the trade should be taken if it shows up. it either passes all the criteria and it’s a trade or it fails on one and it is scratched.

The swing trading system could be. BUT I have been there before with software and with data feeds, bugs etc it was a pain in the backside to maintain. I wouldn’t do it again.

Simply print your trading rules out and stick to them 100%. Same result without the hassel.