I.P.O. Trading System

Trade the new stocks:

Long only

Target is 6 points from entry. Doesn’t sound like much but trades often happen fast (within three weeks). If you can compound those winners over the 12 months time period is can result in big annual % gains.

Not as accurate as one stock trading. Expect losing trades. But it is still currently at over 67% winners.

Much more opportunity. Whilst not trade several day/week there are at least several per month.

Instead of packaging the system rules and having to fluff it out to justify the price (I could write the trading rules out on page of A4) I have offered 12 months subscription at $500. You will work the system out withing a few months and basically have the system to trade. IF you want to keep the subscription for the future that is your choice.

Short term trading is a lot more of GAMBLE. So trade light. I would trade a 6-10 stock portfolio doing this. It is addictive to hit multiple $6 gains in a couple of weeks.

There is a risk of loss trading. Trade with capital you can risk.

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