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More is Not Better

Here is SQ

Qtrly chart vs daily chart

See how the qtrly chart is smooth? How nice and easy the trend looks. One of those bars in 3 months time frame. How easy would it be to follow that move?

But then look it on the daily chart. Random noise. Now you can see the ups downs, flat periods. IF you are invested in that stock and watching it intra day..even every day the danger is you over-react to this random noise.

I guarantee there is always somewhere telling you to sell out of a stock.

Plus it’s a complete waste of time. it going to go where it’s going to go whether you watch it or not.

Long term the moves are easy….smooth. Short term it’s random.

Here in another one of my stocks ZEN

No need to watch daily. 1-2 a week is more than enough.