Signals Service- Managed Accounts

Signals For 3 or 7 Years.

I am not interested in short term business relationships. These stock signals I give out cannot be judged after one year.  The idea here is you go all in one stock four successive trades. Lose it all or make 5,000%+ (somewhere in between) 4 trades one after another will take about 7 years. It is long term.

“Only when you combine sound intellect with emotional discipline do you get rational behavior.”
-Warren Buffett

Expect about 1-3 stocks every year. BUT and please think about this. It can go 10+ months with no new signal. It’s very selective as I stand by every stock signal I give out. I expect it to make 200% gains for us from my entry point in the 6-12+ months ahead. I am currently at 80%+ for winning trades over the past 20 trades (6 years.) But there will be losses from time to time. Trade with money you can afford to risk. 

I use a technical/fundamental scan to find outstanding companies that have price/volume momentum behind them. It sounds simple but it took me over 15 years of trial and error to find this system. Every part of the system was tested and tweaked until I found what works best.

The target on each stock I recommend is 200% from entry. Most get there. Not all. I am at 84% success for the past 20 trades.

The stop loss is at 50% below entry price. We have to let the stops have plenty of room. I have never had any stock hit a 50% loss. That’s not to say it could not happen. The average loss is 23% from entry.

FB took over 2 years to reach its 200% target.

TSLA did it in 4 months.

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.”
-Bo Jackson

Often I can go 10+ months with no new stock entry. This is not one of those stock picking services that throw dozens of stocks at you then cherry picks the best. Great opportunities are not that often. You have to ignore the noise and hype and trade what you see. Big profits are made by being ultra selective, not gambling, no long shots and going for the big moves. If you fail to do all of this you are gambling.

Warren Buffett explains that investing has much more to do with controlling your emotions, than it has to do with money. Emotions are what cause people to buy high and sell low. Emotions create dangerous business deals. Leave emotions out of this and turn to logic.

Long (buy/sell)

High priced, liquid stocks. No pennies, pink sheets, options, shorting, etc.

No intra-day monitoring. Pure end of day management. No swing trading, trying to pick tops and bottoms. Taking big % profits at a 200% gain and letting the rest ride.
3 years signals. It’s upto you to follow them and not to second guess. I can go 10+ months with no new trade.

$7,000 7 years

OR $4,000 for 3 years:

Personally, I would prefer to manage a small handful of accounts (6 to be precise).

I would ask for a 7 year time horizon. The stock market is usually a 5 and 2 year cycle. 4 successive trades will take about 7 years. If 3 or 4 of those hit the 200% target…jackpot. We are done!

My Fees: 15% of profits after 4 successive trades.

I only want 8 investors then that’s it. I am sure 6+ of those will hit big gains. I probably will not repeat it again.

My criteria for investors:

(1) N.L.A. in excess of $2 million.

(2) willingness to place less than 5% with me

(3) A willingness to fully commit to 7 years of trades using the system.

(4) OK about losing half of the account.

Is one stock trading risky? Yes. Of course it is. That’s why you cannot gamble. You can’t trade poor stocks or anything less than high probability. Everything has to line up or no trade. Even then you could lose up to half the account on one bad investment. That’s why you can only do it with money you are fine about losing half of. I would put this in the same category as starting your own business. Big risk for huge rewards. And it takes time.

If you can see what it is I do. I do not want to be another “investment fund.” If you have the money to invest in a high risk (but high probability method) and most importantly you realize there is a small chance of big losses but a good chance of huge profits then let’s talk. Failing that either subscribe to the signals and follow the trades your-self. That’s all I offer. I am not here to teach, educate or anything like that.

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“Your greatest asset is your earning ability. Your greatest resource is your time.”
-Brian Tracy The problem is that hard work alone will rarely make you rich. You can’t become rich by doing it all yourself. You have to use leverage to truly become rich and stay that way. Leverage works in many ways, from outsourcing to investing. The more leverage you can incorporate, the more time you will free up to work on the things that really matter in your business and your life.