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All In One Stock – This is THE ONLY way to make 1,000%+ Returns In Stocks:

5+ successive times. 5-7 years. 1 trade takes on average 6-9 months.

Even with just $10,000 that can be turned into $320,00 after 5 successive trades. But it carries risks. Like all investments do. The trick is to keep those risks as low as possible. “No fish in the barrel no shoot.”

Successfully trading for huge % returns isn’t what most think:

It is not about:

day trading, short term trading, over trading, watching prices daily, studying company fundamentals, developing space age trading systems, following trading gurus, most technical analysis, chart patterns, trading for short term gains, diversifying, penny stocks, OTC, pink sheets, pump and dump, options, shorting,hype.

Successful Trading Is:

Trading sure things for big gains and compounding those returns into a number of successive trades.

In fact the very most you need to have in stocks is about $100,000

And never trade more than 4 stocks. So that would be $25,000 per position. 5 successive trades would be $800,000 per position. Out of four I would expect 3 to come off.

Why diversify into poor stocks for the sake of it? Simply look for the very best stocks, take your sure 100% move out. Repeat it. It takes patience and time for sure but unless you want to lose money in purpose where is the problem?

Target is 100% from entry

17 past 20 hit the target

Long only. >$20 price US Stock only

Two sectors only

So the way I have done it here is:

I do not want to manage accounts this way. You have to take a 5-7 view on your trading. So it is along term commitment. Think about the risks and see if you are ok with it. You do not want to take any risk…buy bonds.

I do not want to package the system out with dvd’s and booklets, etc just to make it seem worth $XXX Like many vendors do.

The system rules are written on one side of A4. With examples and reasons it goes to a whopping 5 pages. If I tried to sell a 5 page system for $6,000 many would fail to see the value in this. Been there, done that.

I did set up a signals service. $1,000 to $3,000 per annum. BUT the feedback I got was people hated being tied to the signals. Fair enough.

So what I decided to do was offer the trading rules, examples in the 5 page file. Complete trading system.

  • The trading scan I use.
  • Which scan to use (free)
  • The price range to only consider
  • Key details and fundamentals you must see on the stock to consider it a valid buy signal.
  • The entry, exit, stop
  • Which two sectors to only ever consider
  • Examples of good, bad trades.

+ I am offering the trading signals service. You can get access to complete trading system management in the member’s area for ever. I mean no annual fees ever. I have been online since 1999. I’ll keep this going for another 20 years at least. + you have the trading rules  I use so maybe after a few years you decide you have no need to follow the signals. Your choice. If i was charging $1,000 per year after a 5 trade cycle that would cost $5,000- $7,000.

Total Cost is $6,000

Basically you are buying a lifetimes worth of trade management for $6,000 but I give you the trading system along with it. (Physical copy of the trading system sent to your address)

If this appeals to you I accept wire and or Bitcoin for payment

email me:



















CLASS THIS STYLE OF INVESTING AS SPECULATIVE. NEVER INVEST MORE THAN 5% OF YOUR NET-WORTH IN SPECULATIVE INVESTMENTS. Some people prefer to never touch speculative investments. Some people go into them with too much capital.

This Way Of Trading Is Passive:

Considering it takes once a week to manage it. My best clients are doctors, managers, business owners. People that do not rely on this for profits. People that can put money in and almost forget about it for 7+ years and see where it goes. Desperate money seekers have no place here.

With an accuracy of over 80% take a chance you will not hit a losing trade.

Why invest for a 7+ year period? Because we cannot beat the market. In a bear market no stocks will show up. 2000-2002 (over 2 years), 2008/09 (15 months) No stocks showed up. We have been in a bull market since 2009. The key is to not lose money in bear markets.

I have been trading stocks since 1995. What I did was look at all my best stocks since 1995-2012 and created a system so as to only invest in these stocks. Leave all the poor stocks, high risk trades behind and left with the very best. Sometimes I miss out on great moves by ignoring certain stocks/set ups. That is fine.

For example, I left penny stocks, low priced, illiquid stocks behind. Whilst they can offer some great opportunities I found most fell flat to quickly. Too many poor stocks being driven up on hype (illegal pump and dump) that fall fast once in. The moves we not very big.

To say fundamentals do not matter is a huge mistake I.M.H.O. Certain key fundamentals are vital to look into.

I found 99% of technical analysis a waste of time. Smoke and mirrors. I actually studied for a diploma in T.A in 1998. Until I realized it was all a waste of time. Do not bother with Gann, Elliot waves, oscillitors etc.

Never rely on any ones opinion about stocks or the stock market. “If you have to ask you shouldn’t be trading.” Once you have a system you can trust you simply follow that and ignore EVERYTHING else. No reading blogs, newsletters, news stories, talking heads etc. It’s all a complete waste of your time. And can lead to breaking your trading rules.

Always have three good reasons to buy a stock. Not got them? Do not buy it. Have one reason to sell it.

Another thing with this system is you will automatically get onboard the very best stocks in the stock market. These are outstanding companies at the right time. We take our % of the move and get out. Leave the predicting to others.

It’s the system rules with examples and the reasons why they are important. I’ll answer any questions you have and obviously you get those stocks managed in my member’s area. You may only want to use that for a short while or rely on it 100% That is your choice.

It’s a lesson in patience at times. Waiting for stocks and once in waiting for tour exit to be hit ignoring all the random noise.

No charting, no technical analysis, No patterns etc.

It’s technicals’ on the scans for price and volume/sector.

Then you have to see certain key fundamentals. Yes, fundamentals do matter.

At over 80% accuracy. (This is based on the past 20 trades.) The goal is to hit he 100% target on each trade. Or I say give it 5 years and see how many opportunities you get in that time. If we go through a 12-18 month bear market that will lower the number of trades.

Every 5 year stock market cycle gives a 3-5 year bull market. YOU CANNOT BEAT THE MARKET. Take a 5 year view and work on 1 or 2 of those years being a bear market. Some 5 year cycles are all bull markets. Since 2009 we have been in a bull market that is 9 years. The longest one ever. Which kind of points towards a bear market soon. But never get into predicting. Some people have been saying we will go into a bear market since 20014

No penny stocks, pink sheets, options, swing or short term trading. No gambling, long shots, guessing, hoping.

You will never need another trading system, newsletter, software, anything IF you follow this system.

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12 months trading signals emailed to you and in the member’s area: $2,5000. The idea being you follow the signals for a year or two and then make up your mind

Managed accounts:

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October 31, 2018

Re: – Mark Crisp

I have been a member of for many years now. Mark presents me with about 4-6 trades per year with entry and stops and exit targets. He has been outstanding at his craft with a high percentage of wins. NOBODY is perfect so I never “bet the farm” on any one trade, but he has made me much more money than I have lost and I unconditionally endorse his service. He keeps a finger on the pulse of the markets; holds a steady rudder of common sense advice during market adversity and has been a treasured source of guidance to me. I am paid nothing for writing this and just sharing with you my history and opinion of him.

Robert B. Tober, M.D.

*** Past performance does not guarantee future performance. There is  RISK OF LOSS.***