Momentum Stock Trading System

Systematic momentum stock trading system

Go all in ONE Stock

Four successive trades. Roll profits from each trade into the next one.

Over 3:1 reward/risk ratio But the risks are huge and big losses can/will happen

Heaven or hell. Risk 70%+ for the potential of 1,000%+ Returns

Time frame for four successive trades: 9-15 months. It is a very selective method and can go a few months with no trades.

Accuracy of the method is over 75%

% of trades that hit the target: 20%

Long only.

Looking for upto six investors on this. My cut is 15% of profits after four trades.

You have to understand the risks involved here. Only trade with money you can lose 70%+ of trading this way. Past performance does NOT GUARANTEE future performance. Think of it 50/50. Huge losses or huge gains. No guarantees.

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