Momentum Stocks

Systematic momentum stock trading system

High probability, big reward/ risk ratio and these moves happen fast 3-5 months on average. Trading US momentum stocks. 100% technical trading system



It does not trade often. Quality is better than quantity. 6-12 trades a year on average.

If your account is less than $100,000 I suggest trading 1-3 stocks at a time. Then spread the risk to about five stocks. Not pulling profits out every year but every three years. Compounding makes a HUGE difference

H.N.W. Risk takers only.

What kind of returns can you expect? It all depends on two factors

  1. Your position sizing. How small a number of stocks you trade increases volatility hugely. The Dr. I knew that took $50,000 to over $5,000,000 and back to $2,000,000 did so by going in with leverage on one stock at a time. Huge risks can mean huge rewards.
  2. The market. Bull markets easy. Bear markets you sit and do nothing. You have to be willing to not trade for 10+ months. Can you?

Work on 50% to 200% every three years trading a five stock portfolio with upto 25% drawdowns.

Signals $100 per month