The 7 Habits Of A Highly Successful Trader

Stock trading: Let me try and save you soul.

  1. It’s a lot simpler than brokers, money managers, traders, newsletter writers tell you. But just because it’s simple does not make it easy. Les than 0.05% of people have the discipline to follow the rules.
  2. The number one piece of advice I would give a rookie…NEVER trade for the sake of it. Trade “almost sure things” or keep out.
  3. Day trading, short term trading,options,….just leave it alone.
  4. You want to make huge money in stocks or a wage? There are only two ways to do it.
  5. 99% of success comes simply from experience.
  6. You over do it. Trying to be too smart and over trading.
  7. Can you make one trade every 2 years and not watch the market intra day/daily? If you answer no….leave this site alone.


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2009-14 Bull Market AND some successful stocks:


1-2-3 system (pre 2000. Pretty useless for actually trading)