The Weekly System

Finding rapidly moving stocks with certain parameters and jumping in for a few weeks of the move.

Pretty simple.

No waiting for corrections to pan out that can take months.No waiting for a new stock to show up. Often get 2-3 new trades each week.

Some of the gains are 40%+ in a few weeks. WHICH might not sound like big moves but if you annualise them it is over 1,000% equivelant.

Long US stocks only.

High priced, liquid stocks. No penny stocks.

Not as accurate as one stock BUT it trades much more often. The key here is the account is always working. Trades have as little as three weeks to pan out before we pull out and move into another stock. no sitting in cash waiting for months on end (can be a problem with ONE Stock trading System)

Eight stock portfolio.

Goal is 35%+ annual gains with less than 25% draw downs.

August 2020:

Trades 5 (wasn’t a full month of trading)

3 winning trades

2 losing trades

Month of August:+7%

Fees: 15% of annual profits:

Follow the trades (usually 2-3 per weeK)

$200 per month: