Trade Like A Hedge Fund

The stock market is changing, as it always has. You have to adapt and realize nothing lasts for-ever. Every so often you have re adjust or get left behind. What worked great a few years ago no longer does!

I am seeing much slower trends, collapses and just what worked years ago no longer working. Or at the very least there is much less opportunity and the volatility has meant if I stick to my system I get kicked out. The market pre 2008 was the best. Since then it has been MUCH harder. And it’s getting worse. I suspect the retail investor has left the stock market.

Trade like a Hedge Fund is a short term, 100% technical system. No fundamentals, no trend following.

Goal is 2-5% per month or 30% p.a. with less than 20% Draw-downs (paper losses)

Trades last about 5-10 days

Long, US stocks