Momentum Stock Trading System

Over 90% Winning Trades.

By only investing in one type of stock you are almost guaranteeing profits.

Successful investing in stocks is not about super timing or picking bottoms or tops.

When you really break it down hands down the most important fact is the company behind the stock. You cannot simply jump on any trend and hope.

Day and short term trading is gambling.

Keep away from forex, options, binary options, crypto, futures

My only problem (if you can call it a problem) is at times a lack of opportunity. This is not your typical stock newsletter that throws out a bunch of random stocks then cherry picks the best.

The problem can be a lack of opportunity. It is so selective there are only about 4-8 stocks in bull markets that fit the system. In bear markets nothing.

Successful investing is not gambling. It is not trading long shots. It is about taking the sure move out of stocks like WB, AAOI, FB, PPL, SHOP, ETSY, SQ etc..

When in we are going for 100-150% gains. No timing. Each stock does it differently. Some take 7 months some take 16+ months. But most get there.

If that means going 8+ months with no stock to invest in so be it.

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