Books On Stock Trading

I see thousands of books on stock trading/trading etc…Most repeat the same things.

Boils down to:

Follow trends

Volume is the key

Cut losses

Let profits run

Manage risks

Technical analysis, chart patterns and the more obscure is a complete waste of time.

I can only really recommend TWO books on stock trading

  1. DARVAS: How I Made $2 Million in the Stock Market: The king of all books on trading/investing. Better than 99.999% of systems out there. Beats about every system there is in a $10 book. The story of how he got there is just as important as what he did. Many investors will relate to it. BUY it now!!! Read it 10+ times…keep going back to it. Stick to his principles
  2. Rem. of a Stock Operator: Basically the life and times of Jesse Livermore. The markets have changed since 1900 for sure. The principles are the same. If you ignore the short term volatility stocks act the same as they did in 1905.

Honorable mentions:

Mark Douglas “Trading psychology”

Tharp “Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom”

Market Wizards’ 1 Possibly 2.

Look for any books that talk about the the profiles of the BEST stocks. Apply that.

That is it. Good reading.