Day Trading US Stocks

Day trading but not trading every day.

Looking for stocks that give the potential of 30%+ returns for that day. Rarely I can hit 100% in one day. It’s not common but it does happen. Average 1-3 trades a month only. Coming out about 70% winners so far.

No matter the time frame I like to be selective. I would rather one big winning trade than six random trades. Same goes here.

The gains will be superb. BUT the losses will be big as well when we hit a bad patch. Bear that in mind. There is a risk of big losses trading this way.

6 Successive trades. About 3 months. 20% of profits.

risk 50%+

Only seeking max of six investors for this.

RISK is 50%. Allow me for 50% losses. THIS IS NOT RISK FREE. It’s high risk for high returns. Only put in play money.



3 trades 1X 55%, 1X87% 1X -19%


5 trades: 1 X 3%, 1X 100%, 1X -25%, 1X 43%, 1 X -11%:

Largest gain: +100%

Largest loss: -25%


Trade 1: points or 8%

Trade 2: 5 points 19%

wins: 7

Losses: 3