Explosive Momentum Lower Priced Stock Trading System.

Never trade lower priced stocks they say………

Don’t tell me “insider trading” isn’t still rife on the markets. You can see what they are buying into and what will explode next:

Take your % out of these “insider trades” and move on fast!

Some of these lower prices, momentum stocks explode 200% in as little as five days. No other stocks offer this kind of opportunity.

Take the sure middle 200% MOVE from these stocks!!! Rinse and repeat as many times as you dare. Only trade with money you can risk.

“I know a lot of manipulation takes place in these lower priced stocks but I could never come up with a system to trade them. UNTIL I found this. ” P.Johnson

Keep out of penny stocks, blah..blah..but nothing offers the volatility of momentum penny stocks.

Nothing has the volatility of low priced momentum stocks.

” I made big profits in FCEL and BUZZ I will not say how much as it is all relative. I like the system” Robert Taylor Florida

The target on these stocks is 200% and some do it in a couple of weeks.

The scan to run



The target is 200% on these stocks and that can happen fast. But you have to know which stocks are setting up for this and how to trade them.

Trade stocks like FCEL,SAVA,ONCY

Past 20 trades:

9 hit the 200% target
6 winners (20% to 175%)
5 losing trades -5% to -35%

But you better have a system to find and trade them. Even better a system to keep you out of losing trades. Quality trumps quantity!

The complete Explosive Lower Priced Stock Trading System Rules:

  • Find these stocks
  • How to enter

These are lower priced stocks. Highly speculative. They move simply because people are acting on insider information. They go up fast and can collapse even faster. This is nothing more than “smart gambling.” i.e you need to be able to afford to lose $3,000 doing this.

OR BUY the system rules your-self and do it Most lack the discipline to follow rules even when given them. Maybe you are different?

PDF email delivery:


” I like the system as it actually makes sense. I will try and stick to the rules and not to tinker too much. But I do like to try and “adapt” systems with other methods. But it is very good and does as it says. Thx” J. Snelll MD