Latest Deal P.I.P.E.

Project Patriot is a deal that is years in the making. I’ve been building the relationships required to pull this off since 2019.

Project : Natural Gas development in East Texas by the geologist that literally wrote the book on the Bossier-Haynesville play.

BOSS HOG, Natural Gas in the United States

This is a natural gas development opportunity in East Texas with an all-star team.

The company is led by Mark Hiduke, who was groomed at Pioneer Natural Resources (NYSE: PXD), a multi-billion dollar oil and gas company before he left to run his own deals. After a string of success stories, he is putting together his forth deal.

On the technical side, this company is led by Kim Stevens, the geologist that literally wrote the discovery paper for the Haynesville-Bossier shale basin, where this deal is located. With her protege, she’s successfully drilled over 100 wells in the basin.

Now, they’re at it again.

The details:

  • We’re investing at a 50% discounted price to surrounding land packages.
  • These properties are already in production… meaning this is not wildcatting, this is resource development.
  • They’ve lined up a major JV partner that will be covering the cost of the first 9 development wells, helping to de-risk the deal and letting us reap all of the upside.

Project Patriot

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