The Dr. That Took $50,000 To Over $5 Million

Back in 2007 I came across a DR. in the USA that started with $50,000 and ran it upto over $5 Million from 2003-2007.

At first I didn’t believe his results until he showed me his trade accounts.

He did it by simply going all in on stocks for 200%-500% gains and rolling into five trades.

Being a bull market helped enormously.

Lessons from it:

You want huge % gains you have to take huge risks

You can only get huge gains by going all in one stock for big moves

He was fearless. Even when up $2.0M+ he rolled it all into his next stock. CROX. Ignorance was bliss. He thought he had the HOLY GRAIL.

Here is CROX…Irony is had he have still been in his fortune would be over $15 million now. I suspect he got out a long time ago and left for good.

CROX – Stock prices follow no logic. How can it be valued as little as $10 now at $140?

He never timed his stocks. No break outs or indicators to get in. If he liked the stock he bought in.


Even if you do everything right in great market conditions the best you can be is 80% winning ratio. So he rolled the dice fives times and ended with big winners. Better to be lucky than good!

It ended on a bit of sour note. He was all in CROX halloween 2007 when it announced earnings. He was convinced the stock would post great earnings and raise higher gapping to the stock up. His holding of CROX was over $5 Million at that time. He said if he reached $10M he would get out and retire

Well….it announced poor earnings, guided lower and it gapped down over 20% overnight. I too was all in. I got out first thing in the morning.

He eventually exited CROX with about 40% losses. Still exceptionally good. He walked away with over $2.5 Million. I hope he took his own advice and retired. I never did hear from him again. Hope you did ok and are enjoying life Dr.

With a small account you could stomach a 50% loss on you might want to copy his method in the next bull market?

He went all in on stocks like this. Then rolled into the next one. It only took him four trades to do this. It’s like running red lights blind folded but getting away with it time and time again.

TZOO 03-04

MNST Stock . This was called HANS back in the 2003-2008 Bull Market. It has split many times along the way. So you are not getting a true picture how fast and big this went up from 2004-2008. It’s true price (with splits) is over $500.

03-07 was a great bull market

He invested in high priced, market leading, quality stocks

Went for the big moves

Didn’t listen to anyone

Went all in and compounded returns

He had a slice of luck along the way

That is the only way you have the chance of making huge% gains from stocks. Forget day or short term “trading.”

Introducing the ONE Stock Trading Method:

Only expect 3-6 stocks a year IN BULL MARKETS. No stocks in bear markets.

Hold on for 12+ months and can go through 40%+ corrections

Can go 12+ months with no new trade.

This is about as passive as you can get. No need to watch every day. Best to check in maximum once a week and monitor.

THIS is not for traders that need to make an income from trading stocks (sadly I do not believe this is possible but there you go) This is for investors that can take a SIX year view and hope for huge % gains.

BEST if less than $50,000 go all in. Over $50,000 start splitting into 2-3-4-5. Do not go above five as you will not have enough trades to fill all positions and it becomes a waste of time.

BIG RISKS for BIG REWARDS. Anyone that thinks this is otherwise is living a pipe dream. Maybe Youtube or Tiktok is better for you?

Getting into stocks like ZM, BNTX for big% gains.

One Stock Momentum Trading System:

How to Find these and only these stocks.

The exact scan you plug in. Price, volume, action, + a few more.

VOLUME: You have to see this.

Price action – Only this matters.

THE ONE Fundamental that will split the wheat from the chaff.

THE only two industries you must trade in.

The optimal exit..Should you hold on for 100% gain, 800% gains? Trail a stop until stopped out? What is best?

OH look it still works:

And again later on:

Want HUGE% gins but want to spread your risk beyond one stock? This is the number of stocks you should hold if your method is over 70% win ratio (which this is it comes in at 80%+) and the win ratio is at least 2:1. M.S.T.S. is many times this. Not only do you win most of the time your wins are huge. NOW, where it is difficult is to actually follow. Most people want action over profits. Can you buy this system, understand it then wait nine+ months for a stock? I mean really can you do it?

From over 10,000 stocks trading how do you narrow it down to a few? The few that matter? 99.9% of stock market movement is random and waste of time. 99% of stocks are poor. Vendors and brokers never want the public to realize this. Once you do you will see how trading often is a fools game.

Forget short term trading. It cannot be done. Why do they always go into brokering or vendoring? Keep your job or business and do this on the side. Take a six year view. I know it sounds mad in today’s world of instant results. BUT do the math. Even at 50% compounded over six years is huge. Now some years you will make much more than this but others you will make nothing. You have to be prepared to go 12+ months with NO TRADES! Can’t do that? Do not bother investing in stocks.

Momentum Stock Trading System Trading Signals

$18 per month

$180 Per Year: