Momentum Stock Trading System

Systematic momentum stock trading system

By observing the very best momentum stocks on the USA stock market since 1995 I have come with a pretty good system that identifies these stocks.

It is currently 70% accurate. Based on the past 4 months trading (this can vary a little each four months.)

Target is 100% form entry.

Expect 1-5 such stocks a month on average

All high priced, high volume US stocks.

Time frame: Average 1-4 months from entry

I would advise you to hold 4-8 of these stocks

Goal is 50%+ per annum. Some years are better than others.

Follow these trades:

$50 per month:

Taking huge risk for huge rewards.

I am not here to educate nor convince you with some long winded, hyped up sales letter.

Trading accuracy: Varies from 70-80%

Opportunity: Again varies on market conditions. A few a year to a few per month

Time per trade: Anywhere from a month to three.

Long target is 100% from entry

ONE stock at a time rolled into five successive trades. (12-16 months)

Risk: Best to say risk it all. 90%+ In theory.

Rewards: 2,000%+ (do the math)

Best to think of it this way. 50/50. Huge losses or huge rewards.

$10,000. This is an amount you could afford to gamble with. Should be less than 1% of you investable money.

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Trading stocks requires you to takes risk. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. There is a risk of losses . Only trade with money you can risk at least half of.

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